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The tutorial has 5 lessons (video lessons, simulation exercises and multiple choice) in which you will learn ( Click Here to buy the full tutorial ):
Lesson 1
  • Installing Joomla Online with Softaculous
  • Installing Joomla Manually Online
  • Installing Joomla on XAMPP
  • Installing Joomla Manually on XAMPP
Lesson 2
  • How to create an article and a Featured article
  • Inserting Pictures on an article
  • Inserting Read more
  • Inserting links on an article
  • Inserting meta keywords
Lesson 3
  • Creating categories
  • Putting Articles in their category
  • Adding menu items
  • Menu category blog
  • Menu Category list
Lesson 4
  • Changing templates
  • Creating Banners
  • Create a Contact item using the Joomla Contacts component
  • Publish the newly created Contact
  • Link the Contact page in a Joomla menu
Lesson 5
  • Installing templates
  • Installing extensions
  • Backing Up Joomla with Akeeba backup 
  • Restoring the Akeeba backup on another site
  • Working with quickstart installations 

Click Here to buy the full tutorial

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